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1. Do you sweat easily when you exercise?

2. Do you break out or get rashes when you sweat?

3. Do you sweat much when it is warm outside (without any exercise)?

4. How often are you planning on using your Biomat:

5. Are you concerned with your weight?

6. Do you suffer from back pain?

7. Are you sensitive to chemical smells?

8. Do you have any health issues that may prevent you from raising your core temperature higher?

9. Do you want to have shorter or longer sessions on your mat?

10. Do you have any swelling in your body?

11. Do you want your mat to feel softer or harder

12. Which is the most important reason for using your Biomat?

13. Are you a health professional?

14. Are you interested in a new Biomat, used or a demo?

15. Do you plan on becoming a dealer and reselling Biomats?

16. If you're going to sweat a lot on the mat, do you need a waterproof pad?

18. Which infrared mat are you most interested in?
If other, which one?
Takes just a couple of minutes!
This quiz will isolate all biomat-relavent issues and leave your contact information with the best time to call me.

I will contact you personally and help you find the right Biomat for you.
Better health and well-being are closer at hand than ever! 
Best time to call
Time Zone
Biomat Professional
Biomat Queen
 Biomat King
Waterproof Pads
Ask for Chris
We are open now.

Ask for Chris
We are open now.

very much so
somewhat so
not at all - I rarely sweat
very much
not really
very much so
somewhat so
not really
few times a week
at night only
yes, I'm overweight
no, I'm satisfied with my weight, thank you
yes, I'm underweight
very much, seriously
not really
somewhat, it annoys me
shorter is better
longer is better
longer if better detox
yes, I have swelling
hard if not sleeping on it is ok
I need it cushioned
I want the most convection
yes, I am a health professional
no, I am not
Used is fine if cheap
new only
maybe, if I like it
not really
yes, I want it waterproof
no, I am not using it for sweating
no issues
I will need to ask my doctor
yes, I can sell them
demo if full warranty
Check only if: you want to be put on the waiting list for a demo, returned, used, scratched, or dented infrared mat in stock.
several times a day